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    Default Got a Swarm! (From my own hive).

    There are some pictures there. This was my first swarm and my youngest child took the pictures... I picked the best of them out and posted them on my blog...

    I had been in the hive just a week ago and saw no sign of a swarm. They weren't honey-bound, they had room, there wasn't any queen cells (there was a good amount of brood... )

    Plus my hive was only operating for half of last summer, the queen started laying about the middle of July!

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    That story is the same as mine, they swarmed Friday and I caught them and put them in a nuc (the only equipment I had with me) the swarm was huge and I put a frame of brood and a frame of food from the parent colony in with them but I found the them in the same tree this past Sunday, the brood frame I put in the nuc had a queen cell (capped) that I missed so they made their own split. I put them in a 10 frame and they are happy. I put the frame with the queen cell back in the parent colony because I didn't need anymore hives, I am managing 4 with two jobs and a young family, if only we could live a rich life as beekeepers.

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    I put together a swarm box a couple of weeks ago, put in some swarm lure, put it in my walnut tree, and yesterday at 5:00 pm. a 4 to 5 pound swarm arrived! No one believed that if you build it they will come. My family thought I was crazy, look who’s laughing now!

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