>Is it best to go all foundationless even in the supers where the honey is extracted from?

Let's see. The wax supply is contaminated with chemicals, therefore the foundation is contaminated with chemicals (as measured by Maryann Frasier) http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...44451959719523

So where would you like to have and not have that contamination?

>It is best to remove all the drawn comb in all the supers and go foundationless in all the supers?

Best from what view? If you want a lot of honey it's hard to beat drawn comb. If you want all small cells, you'll have to change them out, if you want to eliminate any existing contamination you may need to swap them out. If you think they are not contaminated because you haven't used any chemicals and you normally use an excluder anyway, then I'd probably go ahead and USE the drawn comb.

Since I don't use excluders and since I wanted to eliminate all the contamination I swapped all mine out.