a belated hello all. started 12/08 with two full double 10 deeps bought from a local beekeeper. both made it to spring. one stalled and swarmed with one medium super aboard. the other took off and filled one of two medium sups at the citrus bloom here. then yesterday i get a call. 'mijo'
there a big ball of bees in da bottblebrush en mi casa. tooled up, took off, shook into bucket, two stings, no veil, come home, dump in kenya tbh. today they're merrily orienting and off foraging. wasn't sure i got the queen time will tell. i am a little spoiled cause everything is working out too well. maybe the new hive will draw 90 degrees off. that will teach me. BEST ADVICE SO FAR: 'IF YOU ARE NO SURE WHAT TO DO, DO NOTHING' let the girls take care of themselves.