Hey All, new beekeeper from Ga here. Over the last couple of weeks, I have caught 4 swarms and only 1 got away. I have them in a brrod box now and will be moving them to some piece and quiet out of my neighborhood either tonoght or tomorrow. I do have a question though. The 2nd swarm I caught and got into a brood chamber is not NEARLY as active as the first. Its only been a couple of days mind you, but I am not positive i got the queen on this particular one. They are balling up like I did, but not much other than that. Also, about 100 feet away is where I caught them.....there are still some bees over on the pine I pulled them from....maybe 100-150, just kinda hanging out there on the pine tree. I am very confused by this, as is my Dad, who used to keep a lot of bees. Were they a part of the origional colony and me getting them in a brood box and moving them to my yard throw them off? I have looked extensivly for the queen in the box on this one and jsut can't seem to find her. Will the bees stay together if she isn't there? Could I combine them with the other strong hive? Thanks all, I look forward to some of your answers:_)