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    Default Two Water Questions

    OK Still new here....

    1. Do the bees take less water when feeding them sugar syrup? I have yet to see bees in the waterers.

    2. I use 5 gal buckets with sticks in them. Does the type of stick matter? I know black walnut leaves are toxic (I think). Should I just get some pine scraps from the workshop?
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    From what I've read, bees will store the syrup as soon as they get a chance, treating it like pollen or honey. This to me would mean that water does not coincide with syrup consumption, but I do not have evidence or first hand experience of this. Logically I don't see bees fanning with syrup.

    I would also use old dead sticks for your bucket. Something that has been sun-bleached and all its original moisture long since evaporated. I would also identify the species of wood before use as well. There are some types of wood out there that are poisonous, or at least will make humans sick, like poison oak, poison sumac, tung, oleander, among other decorative trees.

    Here is a site with links about wood toxicity :

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    I put a little sugar water in mine, after a recommendation on a post here. All it's attracting is flies and a yellow jacket.


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