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    Default Complete Hive Woodenware

    I am looking for about 100 complete hives without the bees. It would be nice to find 1 deep and 1 shallow set ups. Anyone know of anyone who might offer a discount based on the quanity? Thanks in advance

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    Default hives for sale

    hi i sent you a pm i live in wilkes county and have new assembled 10 frame equipment for sale. i bought a guy out and would like to sell some of the equipment. i have 20 complete hives which include 9 5/8 hive body, 6 5/8 medium super, inner cover, bottom board, and telescoping top for 10 sets and for the other 10 sets without tops. the price for the 10 with tops will be $50 each and the 10 without tops will be $40 each alot of this equipment is stamped from burshy mountain bee supply.
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