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    not a word of a lie bees have a three day memory so to speak.
    I brought a trailer load of honey supers in. The had a few bees in the supers and hubby thought to brush them out. In the evening with a halogen trouble light, in his bee suit with two sweat shirts underneath. They got him real bad.
    Every time he stepped out of the house or came into the yard they pinged him in the head, chased him off the yard for three days. Thanks to that experience, the dogs left the yard for a few days, and needed to be coaxed home, and i could not work in the garden...he did the dreadful deed a few feet away from my garden.
    Will he try that again...not if he is

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    I tend to work bees with a long sleeve shirt, veil and gloves, the color of the clothing is often times dark in color and don't see any discernable difference in the girls reaction to me based upon the color of my clothing

    I have noticed that they are more interested in me after I shower than if I skip the shower before working them.
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