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    Default Installing Package into old hive

    I had a first year colony die last winter from starvation in place. They left two deeps of fully drawn out comb. When I install a package this weekend should I start with a single deep and add the second as they fill the fiirst with brood/pollen/nectar/honey? Or should I install into the bottom deep and add the second on top right away? Or what? Thanks for any advice.

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    I'd use only one deep to get them started. They seem to feel more confident when they have less hive to defend. Considering they are a package they will have natural die off and it'll be at least 3 weeks before new bees emerge. One drawn deep will do you fine. As soon as they have it 80 to 85% occupied with honey, pollen and brood put the other one on and they'll do well.
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