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    Default My first bee sting

    As a total newb, I was worried about how I would react to a bee sting. Believe it or not, I have never been stung by a bee. I have been stung by European Wasps (yellow/black paper wasps, long legs), and I can tell you that I have pretty bad local reactions to them. For instance, if I get stung in the hand, my whole hand will swell up. I've been stung in the calf, and have been asked how I got burned, the redness and swelling were so bad.

    With that background, I was pretty nervous about getting a bee sting. Well, I opened up the hive today to see how they were drawing comb. Closed it up, went for a jog, came back all sweaty and walked down by the hive to see how they were doing. . . . One came out of nowhere and tagged me 1/2 way between my eye and my ear on the side of my face.

    As it landed on me, I instinctively started my "swat" (OK, probably the wrong thing to do). It stung me before I swatted it off my face, breaking my sun glasses. Instant burning, just like a wasp. No stinger in me though. I must have got it out as I was swatting my face. Could I have been stung so lightly that the stinger didn't detach from the bee?

    I broke a cheap cigar in half, wet it down, and applied. Burning stopped in 15 minutes. 1 hour later, you wouldn't have known I was stung. I can't believe it. Not even a red dot. It seems gone. Hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow with an eye swollen shut.


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    Good to hear. I have also never been stung by a bee. In fact I've only been stung by a wasp once in my life time. I grew up in Vegas and I guess I got bitten by more lizards and snakes than anything. I'm still nervous about the first time.


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    You keep bees you are going to get stung !
    Nothing to write home about !!

    Should not bee near the bees when sweaty, most bee books state this.

    Weather & clumbiness are another gottch, and supriseingly to me, is when I've worked the bees done and walking away BINGO !

    I work in a tee shirt with just a veil most of the time.

    Like I said, nothing to write home about, if you are going to be a bee keeper !



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