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    Default Honeybee Education Program in So Cal

    I thought that folks would be interested in a new Honeybee and World Health program that our organization has recently developed. The following is a link to a newspaper article and some video shot during our pilot program. Subsequently (yesterday), we were excited to received a $25k grant to help support the delivery this program to slected Southern California schools.

    On a related note, we are searching for two dynamic educators that will help us teach this exciting new program in Southern California schools. The primary goal of this Internship is to provide the Honeybee Interns with the opportunity to gain an enormous amount of teaching experience in a diversity of public, private and charter schools, gain program administrative experience and learn and work in a professional setting in the field of outdoor experiential education. Here is a link to the info:

    Thanks a bunch for passing along the word!

    warm regards,
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