I just acquired a smal hive that had been used by a local avacado grower as a pollination hive. Done some reading and thought this would be a great way to get started. Well after 3 days, these gals are still very testy, and spend much of the day clustered outside the hive above the enterance. The grower stated that he thought it was about 3 lbs of bees, but when he opened it up revised his estimate to 10 lbs. Still awaiting my suit and starter equipment, but there is lots of activity... I am concerned that the hive ( consisting of only one smaller box ) is not big nough for this established group. Could they be ready to swarm? With abit more reading under my belt, I realize that I should have been a bit more prepared, and started my first hive from scratc, so I hope that some forum members might impart some advice to a beginner, and direct me a bit - I would hate to have to start over. Can I just add a excluder, and a couple supers? The air is pretty thick with bees at 6pm, more so today than before... getting a bit nervous.
Also, any beekeeping courses available online??

Steve Hofmann