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    Default Mint? curentberry?

    Somewhere in this forum I have been advised to plant mint around my hives and 3 current bushes per hive.
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    Mint and current are two of the "bee plants" however there are others that work well too. Since honey flavor is influenced by the nectar it's made from, if you have enough mint, it would most likely flavor the honey a little. Might be nice if you like mint! Don't know why you should plant 3 bushes of current per hive though. Maybe it's something they've had luck with? I'd say plant what you like to look at and smell when working your bees. They'll most likely be getting nectar from multiple sources whatever you plant. The plantings I prefer around my bees are late blooming bee plants to help them build stores to get them through winter. I'm sure others will have opinions also.



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