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    Default Need help with SHB

    Just brought in a new nuc and found a SHB left in the bottom. I transferred old frames into my new nuc box at original site. We don't have them here yet and I don't want them, if I can help it.

    So here is what I am thinking"
    1) Squish any I see when I go back out
    2) put one of those traps in the hive.
    3) remove all old frames and BURN or FREEZE

    Is that crazy or overkill....please I need lots of input and suggestions. ALL are welcome.


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    Of course - kill them if you see them.

    Other than that I would not worry much in your area.

    Here in FL with the long warm and humid summers, they can get to be a real problem, but I don't think they'll be big problem for you there in Kansas.

    This assumes you've done everything else right - like keeping hives in full sun so they stay very dry etc.


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