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    Default Requeening frame

    Has anyone ever used a requeening frame like this one from Brushy Mtn.?
    It looks like it would be really easy to use and give the queen some space and exposure to a lot of her new colony compared to leaving her in the shipping cage or even using a push-in cage.

    If anyone has one, is the back side screened or does it have a solid surface? In the picture it looks solid but I am not sure why it would need to be. Right now mine is screened on both sides but easy to change if there is a reason. Only reason I can see to have one side solid is so the queen can back away from the screen if the colony is aggressive toward her at first and not have them coming at her from all sides...

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    I tried one when I had a laying worker hive. For me, it didn't work but it may be fine for other people. Haven't tried it for queen introduction. I can't remember if it had screening on both sides or not.
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    Default Built my own

    I found these queen introduction cages on Ebay but they were $30.00 + and decided to build my own. I used scrap wood with some #8 wire screening and built four in about an hour. Tried them out on four new packages and worked great until I was trying to get the queen out to release after she had been in the cage for a few days. I had trouble getting her to come out so I had to unstaple the wire to release her. I think I will modify the cage to make a door to be able to release her more easily. Hope this helps. BEEMAN


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