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    Default Old guy, new guy

    I am getting back into beekeeping after a 20 year hiatus. I learned how to tend to bees from my father back in the 1970's, and now that I am back to the hobby I realize that things have changed somewhat, with new diseases to contend with, etc.
    I hope to have success with the two new hives I bought and set out today. I am looking forward to using this forum as a source of information. I am sure I will learn a lot from ya'll. Also, I have joined the local beekeepers club and have found a couple of guys who are very knowedgable and can help me.

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    I'm glad you got back to beekeeping. I kept bees for a few years and then because of medical and then job locations, I had to give them up for a decade. It was sorely missed and I'm glad I was able to get back into it. I hope you are glad as well and yes, there's lots of info in here on the forums for help.

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    welcome back.

    any number of us have laid down and picked up the hive tool (and some of us numerous occasions). part of beekeeping is like riding a bike... you may be a bit wobbly at the start, but pretty soon that old grey matter will start rememberin' how stuff was done. some stuff however (like a handfull of disease, pest and pathogens) has changed. for us old hands this forum is and excellent place to hone up on these new problems (and hats off to barry for lending us his backyard as a place to meet up).


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