I just got my first queen shippment of the year, and the bill as wow!! I was paying $12.75 each last year and the bill I got today was $15.00 each. I've been with this producer for over 16 years. I've tried others producers but haven't found anyone yet with that good of queens. I only get a 2% dronelayer or nonelaying queen with this supplier. What is a guy to do. Each year I need more and more queens and year the price keeps jumping up. Where do I go to get good queens for a reasonable price.
Or should I just forget it and suck it up.

Is this the way business is ran. The producer place the price on the product and the buyer pays it. Well, if this is so the packer better watch out next spring.

Well another day another $1000 spent. Tomorrow has to be better. What good is money if you don't spend it.