Well...a little south of Boston. Closer to Providence RI, actually. My name is Sarah but you can call me Blu or Bluids if you wish. I also answer to "Mom" as I am a mother of a 6 and a 2 year old girls....and now foster mother to several thousand more girls, I guess!

I enrolled in bee school this winter basically as a test to see if I could hack learning after not being in school for a decade and a half. I enjoyed the class so much I ended up purchasing a package and hive components. A friend took the class with me, and he hived his in our yard, so we have two hives here. We hived them last Saturday, and I took my first peek today. I'm looking forward to this endeavor and I sure do appreciate having this forum to ask questions in. You think you learn so much and then the cover comes off your very own hive for the first time and you have about six million questions!!