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    Default My product review of the bee journal.

    I don't know if this is in the proper place or not but here goes. I won a subscription to the bee journal at the only club meeting I ever attended. I wish they had kept their money but they said it would do me some good. If I were to review the magazine I would have to give it only about 1 star. It might be great but as I get older I can't read the small font it is writen in. I know you get more content for less dollars by having small print. I have tried a magnifying glass to read it and some of my wifes reading glasses which seem to make me sick. The more light, the easier it is to read. I am finding it too much work to read well. I wish they would increase the font size just a bit but I might be being petty. I don't need a responce to this and might just be complaining about getting older. It felt good to write it anyway.

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    Default Re: My product review of the bee journal.

    get the electronic copy - you can blow it up big enough to read it

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    Default Re: My product review of the bee journal.

    I have a few boxes of very old Gleanings and ABJ's.

    I cherish them.

    They had to fill the pages, even back then...
    After 40 years of beekeeping, I've come to realize that the bees can fix most of my mistakes.


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