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    Default Best Magazine?

    What magazine would you commercial people recommend for a newbie wanting to possible go commercial? One that has good information on pollination and classifieds. Thanks for any comments.

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    ABJ is more pro-oriented than BC in my opinion, and its adverts reflect that. But the articles won't be much of a how-to on pollination. Well there are those Sylvia Ezenwa articles on pollination contracts, and actually now that I think on it they do interview a lot of large-scale operators. I'd recommend finding a regional operator and seeing if you can get a job with them for a season, see how it goes. Though they might reasonably be reluctant to train their new competitor. Hive and Honey Bee has an article on commercial pollination I think.

    However, for the person who really enjoys bees and thinks making a living off of them might be a good next step, I might also suggest Psychiatry Today .
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