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    Default Another New Beekeeper

    Well I grew up with bees and when my dad died I thought I'd just use some of his equipment and start my own hives. That first attempt was a disaster, a combination of my being too timid to dump the bees in the hive (thought they would just work their way out of their travelling box and set up shop in the hives that I set up on top of their box) and then offering them plastic foundation with no sugar water encouragement. Anyway, I've been reading a lot and realize I wasn't ready to be a beekeeper a couple of years ago, but hopefully I'll be ready this go around.
    I figured out how to insert beeswax foundation and have two deep supers ready I've ordered two 3# boxes of bees and they are scheduled to arrive this week..I'm in northern Illinois and there is a lot of blooming going on; I wish they had come a few weeks ago. Oh, to finish my story on my first attempt, the bees made foundation inside the box; I scraped it out, they left. Took less than a week and it was all over. I'm guessing that is some sort of a disaster record.

    I'm learning a lot just reading the posts.....I'm really excited and appreciative of all the veteran beekeeper's wisdom

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    Hello and welcome!

    This forum is a good place to learn more about beekeeping. The 'search' function is one of my favorite features. I use it a lot to help me quickly find answers.

    Are you involved with a local club? Clubs are great for finding mentors and getting connected with nearby beekeepers. Also, since much of beekeeping is "location specific", clubs are good for getting the inside scoop of techniques most appropriate for your area.
    I'll let you figure out which clubs are closest:
    Or across the border:


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