Hello Beeks
I am a newbie in ABQ, NM. I have been following posts in this forum since January. After much research, a few books, a few meetings with the local Beeks, and finding a great mentor who lives only a mile away as the bees fly, I bought my first Langstroth and installed my fees on April 9. My bees are very happy and I have a new addiction. Today or tomorrow I will be pulling out the box the bees were packaged in and replacing it with more frames.

The weather has been perfect and today is glorious. Is it best to work on the hive in morning, evening or mid day? Mid day doesn't seem right as they are really active then. My mentor is out of town, so I'm seeking advice here.

BTW - The swarms have been happening here for a few weeks, but they are in full swarm mode right now. My mentor got 7 swarm calls yesterday, and he is not the only one working the area. We have a big waiting list in town for swarms. There was a lot of winter die off here this year due to a warm Feb, and then many weeks of cold again.