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    Smile Re: any bees for sale in Canada?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dancing Bee Apiary View Post
    Old thread; interesting to Canadian beekeepers. How the sales going this year? I'm in Ontario one hour east of Toronto. My nuc sales are about the same as last year so far. I'm still getting lots and lots of interest from hobbyists. I am sold out for May and promising now for June 1st. Nuc price is 4 frame @ $140.
    well , finally the bees wintered well, 10% loss, due to extreme warm weather I have started to feed the bees and have given them pollen patties. Hope to make splits to get the numbers up. Got to look for queens now, there is no problem to sell honey, just got to find a way to produce temperature this week in the 20 degree celsius or lower 70s for my southern friends. cheers for now Stephen

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    Default Re: any bees for sale in Canada?

    ya, I had a good winter also, running a 7% loss, but I figure by the time I have gone through them and cull all the queen problems Ill see 10%. The bees look fantastic! Its been a while since I have last had a winter this successful. Great fall last year for them and this spring started 3 weeks earlier. No doubt the weather helped them along this year. It was a bit of a panic to get them out of the shed in time when the weather shifted to 25 degree days this spring!!!!

    Its all good. Got my queen orders in line and I am hoping this year to be a predictable one! LOL

    I am hearing much the same around here
    Ian Steppler >> Canadian Beekeeper's Blog

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