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    Default Back to beekeeping again,,finally

    Hello, I'm really happy to have found this site. In the 80's I kept hives in my back yard as well as a few in farming fields. Back then I was associated with two local beekeeping groups, the Alameda County Beekeepers Assoc. and the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Assoc. The most I ever managed was about 14 or 15 hives, life was good, easy to get new bees by answering swarm calls. At that time our biggest problem was mite control. I lost my last colony in 89 and decided due to certain neighbors to temporarily suspend my hobby. Last Year I decided to start at least one colony, purchased package, bottom line after 3 queens I finally lost them possibly due to ccd. This year I've started again, new package, medicating for Nosema, foulbroods, feeding syrup with Honey B Healthy supplement, and Mega Bee pollen substitue but only as supplement. It's now day 9 and queen has not layed any eggs yet but have been assured that all signs point towards a good queen laying soon. With all the different things that todays bees and beekeepers have to cope with it seems a unbelievable challenge just to get a colony past start up and surviving. We must truely be a crazy lot, but most of us truely care for the awesome creatures that we try so hard to help survive and prosper in these troubled times. One last thought, among God's Creatures there are no finer nor more intersting than the honyebee.

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    Welcome dabeekeeper. Sorry to hear about your past beekeeping troubles, and hope things improve for you. Visit all the forums that you find of interest, and feel free to jump right in.
    So many little time.


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