Hi my name is Andy, my wife Ellie and I live on a diversified livestock & crop operation in West TN. We currently raise 1500 hogs inside, cattle, meat goats and a few hens for eggs. We raise bermuda grass, ryegrass and other types of forage, a few acres of corn mostly to bundle for fall decor or silage and we raise about 8 acres of pumpkins. We are currently trying to market our farm and related activities for fall agritourism events and in doing so we thought it would be great to offer some home-produced honey in with our fall decorations, home-made soaps and jellies and so on. I have a very knowledgable local bee producer who is willing to help me, but I am interested in hearing about the time frame that would be acceptable to introduce a colony or two into an area around our farm for this year. Is it too late? Will the bees do well on pumpkins alone or will they need more than what 8 acres of pumpkins can put out? Thoughts and comments of any kind are gladly accepted! Thanks and I am glad to have found such a valuable resource on a subject with which I am not too familiar.