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    Default Package is in, video is up!

    We installed our first package this week, and as many friends and family were interested in our progress, I put some pictures and a video of the installation on the web.

    We're in western Massachusetts, and it's finally getting nice here! The bees have been out and about, and it's sooo much fun seeing how excited my 4 year old is to go out and watch the bees with me each day. My 8 year old is much more apprehensive, but she's been to bee school each day, and gets her 'diploma' tonight.

    4 minute video of the installation: the bees are here! (link is at the end of the 2nd post)

    Thanks to all who have generously shared their insight and knowledge on these boards - it's a trove of great info!

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    Welcom to Beesource pbwhite. Let us know how it goes.
    So many little time.

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    Nice web page.

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    Fun web page, and looks like all went very well. Just a nitpicky point--- you mention that you squished "him," and "he" crawled up your leg and stung you. Remember, just like with humans, the stingy ones are all gals!


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