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    Default solar wax melter

    How much comotion does a solar wax melter stir up while in use? Are bees trying to get in while in use?

    thanks jay burgess capecod ma

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    While the nectar flow is on or early in the year there will be very little interest in the melter. Later in the year, around here about July and August, when the nectar flow is over or slowed down then some bees will be homing in on the smell of the hot wax and honey residue. I usually lose several bees when I close the unit back up after loading/unloading. I keep my melter about 40 yards from my hives and am using it now to recover wax from recycled comb. It works better in the warmer months but it will still get hot enough to melt wax in that box on a cool, sunny April day.

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    Both of mine are in use right now. The smell of melting wax issues from them presently, but there are no bees around them and they are only about 10 feet away from my hives. No honey in most of my old combs... Nothing to really worry about. OMTCW

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    If there is space enough for the bees to get in you may also be losing heat to the outside. Best to seal up as much as possible so heat can build up. I never see many bees around mine.

    Helpful hint: it's much easier to clean and scrape the wax and residue off the metal floor when it is still nice and warm.
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