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    Default Comb built on Qeen Cell

    What is happening when the bees build comb on a queen cell? One of my first attempts at grafting "took" but on about the third day the bees wrapped it in comb. This has happened before to failures but this one had a larva and a ton of royal jelly in it. (Yah, I opened it thinking it also had failed) Would it have hatched or did they give up on it?
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    make up your cell bars in the middle of a frame, with the top portion a sheet of foundation or starter strip of wax. this will greatly decrease the amount of cells with wax overly drawn around them. When the bees start drawing out queen cells, they seem to get into wax drawing mode. Puting a strip of wax above the queen cells gives them somewhere to draw, right above the cells where they'll draw and fill with nectar.

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    use a 3/4" frame for your cell bars.
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