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    Default Top entrance/top feeder

    I switched both of my hives to top entrance last fall using the instructions on Michael Bush's website. The bees did very well. Now I want to use the BeeMax top feeder to get some syrup and HBH to them. They still have plenty of honey in each hive but I'm hoping to do a split with one of them and want to build them up quickly.

    I reversed the hive order, took off the inner cover, opened the bottom entrance and put the feeder on top with 1:1. I'll reduce the size of the bottom entrance tonight when the bees are back inside. Naturally, the bees are quite confused tho' they are figuring it out. My fear was, if I left the inner cover on and put the feeder above that, I may end up creating a robbing situation where other bees/insects can quickly get to the sugar without having many bees in their way. Did I do the right thing?
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    I would just put shims under the top feeder to make the entrance, flip the cover over (so there is no entrance) and put it on top of the feeder and duct tape around it so the bees don't find a crack to get in the top of the feeder.
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    I would not have left an entrance that close to the feeder either for the same reason. Especially if you are adding HbH as some beeks will tell you that it can trigger robbing.


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