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    Hello all,
    I am new to beekeeping and have just installed 4 lbs. and a queen from here in my area.
    I have been very lucky. Since attending a 'are you interested in beekeeping' seminar at a local conservatory named Oatland Island, I decided I wanted to get into beekeeping as a hobby. It turns out that the president of our local chapter live less than a mile away, and he has been very helpful in getting me started. I go with him on weekends to check all of his hives and he will very patiently show what he is looking for, clues into bee behavior, answer all me questions, etc. Free education!
    The folks out at Wilbanks, where I bought my bees, took the time to walk us through their operation explaining how the bee and queen business all happens. Well I've got my bees in the back yard now and am happy as a clam!
    I also have a second hive set up and ready to go, my friend is one of the guys the county will call for swarm removal, so when (if) we grab up a swarm, we know where it will go!

    Savannah, GA.
    PS Everyone here is getting very excited, the Tupelo is about to bloom and that is the best, clearest honey this area produces.

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    Welcome. It's all a blast.

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    It seems to me that your learning process has a supercharger built in. I wish I had somebody (anybody) close enough to give me that kind of foot-up.
    Welcome aboard, guy. We are delighted to have you here.


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