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    Default Must Be Spring - Split Question

    My third post here looking for some clarification on splitting now.

    I have two hives, both of which made it through the winter and are way ahead of where i thought that they would be by now in terms of the numbers of bees, eggs and brood in each.

    I plan on reducing the hives through splitting, to create some room to grow to prevent swarming and at the same time requeen everything (original queens are likely 2+ years old). I am hoping to do it soon to have the hives settled before the main flow starts.

    My plan is to split each hive about 60/40 so that each hive creates a new nuc, but the original is still stronger. My two main concerns are:

    Can i requeen the original hive and the split when i do the split or should a wait a day before adding the new queens to both? And.

    Can i keep the splits side by side or do i have to move them from each other? I understand that keeping them side by side is good for evening out the field bees but i am unsure if this is still the case if i have two queenless hives or two new queen hives...

    I have been doing a lot of research on this and i guess i am looking for a more final say on the best approach to take.

    Thanks in advance!

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    queens are more readily accepted when hives have been queenless overnight. I'd keep the old queens in a small nuc or somewhere until the new queens are laying. Consider taking a few frames from each hive to make up a nuc. Do it again a few weeks later. That way you may control swarming better. The foragers will go back to the original location; nurse bees stay with the brood. Swap locations later if the nuc looks decimated.


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    dickm gave the short answer. Here's a longer version, but very well worth the read:


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