Hi everyone!
I just found this forum and was thrilled! I have been learning all I could about beeking for about 2 years, but held off getting bees until last July, because I was moving back home to Texas - from Tennessee - and had too much to transport as it was. Then couldn't find any packages after getting settled in the spring. I was bummed about waiting another year, then a guy in the beekeeping club here was moving to Florida and selling his hives and I went with an experienced beekeeper to look at them and we each bought some. Lost a hive over winter and then added, etc., and now have 10 hives. I LOVE this forum..such a great place to learn and share with others. Info is hard to find sometimes...the books just don't get it all covered.

I am also a Master Gardener and live on a 4 acre farm that I am renovating - tons of work there! I got out of the airline industry to do real estate appraisals. Other hobbies are reading, traveling, hiking, camping and all outdoor sports, animals, herbs, and I make nice quality soaps.

I look forward to talking to everyone!
terri lynn