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    Default Middle Tennesse here

    Hello new bee keeper friends,

    My husband signed on today his name is Ben. We have a small farm here (12 1/2 acres )in Middle Tn, we raise Boar goats (and milk them, they have great tasting milk,) we have chickens (lots, we plan on butchering alot this year), we have 2 ducks ( Peking), and 2 meat rabbits, we are about to get a Shetland pony (shes a sweet little pony), oh yes and a chipmunk ( my little boy calls him a ''chip monkey''), and a parakeet. And we have 8 children ages 22 to 5, a boy on both ends and 6 girls in between. We call our boys book ends.

    We have a small orchard, and a large garden, our property is surrounded by 5,000 unused private acres of land, plenty of flowers and trees growing there, and our neighbor has a huge spring fed pond across the street for the bees to have plenty of fresh water. The reason I'm mentioning that is a man at the meeting asked if we have a water sourse for the bees within a 1/4 mile from our house.

    Ben and I love our family, and farm life, we enjoy camping, hiking, country drives, coffee, and just spending time together. We are sweethearts from our youth, and best friends.

    Ben took me to the Chiropractor last week end and we ended up in a really bad tornado situation in Murfreesboro Tn , this week end he wanted to go to a Bee Keepers seminar , I was not very interested, but since he was I went, after all it was free, with lunch provided. So we went and boy was it alot of fun, and extremely interesting! We both got a ticket given to us at the door, and when they drew door prizes we both won bee keeping tools. Pretty neat hugh?!

    We both also got a ticket for a drawing for a complete Bee Hive and accessories starter kit. Well they only had three to give way, Ben prayed ''Father if you would have us get one, that would be nice'', I said, ''if God wants us to be Bee Keepers then we will win one''..... Guess What??? We won!!! We were the second ones chosen. We got a complete be hive and starter kit which included a Bee Keepers hat, gloves, smoker, and tools needed plus a great book! The book is called...'' First Lessons in Beekeeping'', by Keith S. Delaplane ( in the tradition of C.P. Dadant's 1917 original ) We have really enjoyed reading this informative book. We want to learn all we can.

    What an exciting day we had. A young man spoke on organic bee keeping and we asked him to be our mentor and he said yes, he lives close by us. We are so excited about our new adventure.

    I wonder what Ben will do next week end, and where we will go, who knows.... The adventures he gets us into.

    A friend of ours once wanted to sting Ben with bees to help his arthritis, but he lived far away, and we were busy, so we did not go. A few days ago I mentioned this mans name, and our youngest age 5 said...'' Is that the man that was going to sting daddy?'' Funny that he remembered that.... Little minds do remember.

    Our Bee Hive is from Brushy Mountain...

    Bee-coming a Bee Keeper, ~ Darlene ~
    Bee Kind, Bee Thoughtful, Bee Loving (great buzz words )

    We welcome any good advice anyone has to give us. We are excited about meeting others who have gone before us, and have learned and can teach us. Please be patient with me I have alot of questions.

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    Welcome Darlene and Ben. It sounds like you have a great place to live and start your new beekeeping interest.
    Visit all the forums that catch your interest. There's a wealth of information around here.
    So many little time.

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    Welcome fellow Tennesseans,
    I used to live in Nashville, now live outside of Clarksville (about as far north of Nashville as Columbia is south). TN is great for beekeeping, and you sound like you have an ideal situation. Make sure you join a local association, as they are a great source of encouragement, and keep reading this forum. God bless, Stan


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