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    Default how make a 2 queen hive...using stong hive and new queen?


    If having 4 strong hives, each containing 1 hive body of bees with laying queens, and soon to be getting an additional four more (shipped) queens what is the best way of making a 2 queen hive colony from each? I was considering taking off the tops off the colonies, then laying paper over each, followed by 2 queen excluders, then set a empty hive body on top containing the additional new (shipped) queens with attendents in each of these with frames and foundation. Will this set up work? Any advice?


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    Is English your primary language? I'm interested in two-queen systems too, and so are others on this forum. I don't think what you have described will do it. If I ever try it, this is what I'll shoot for.

    I'm originally from Portage County, Oh. Now live in North Carolina. Thinking about setting up some hives on a relative's place in Carroll County, Oh, this year. Maybe we'll bump into each other sometime.
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    Normally, I would make a nuc from the entire top brood box, and elevate it above the inner cover. Super the bottom unit well, over excluder. Give the nuc an entrance in the back, and a caged queen. Once she has established her broodnest, you can place an excluder on the supers, and the nuc on top. More supers on top...and maybe on the bottom stack as well.

    But, you have strong singles.

    I would make nucs from each hive, and elevate them over a solid inner cover. Super the bottoms, and proceed as above.


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