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    Default Thank You to All the New Beekeepers!

    I've been on this forum for a little over a year so far and I just wanted to say HI to all the new beekeepers. When I joined my local beekeepers association I thought I was the youngest guy/gal there (me being almost 40 and no offense to those members that hang-out here ). That has changed very quickly. We have a whole lot of new members.

    This year was a whirlwind of local Bee "Schools" and I attended Indiana's IBA, and Ohio's Tri-County school up in Wooster and the Southwestern School just outside of Cincinnati and every event was PACKED! Lots of new beekeepers, young and old.

    The one thing I realized starting beekeeping is that we need new folks joining the ranks. There is a lot of knowledge out there and unlike many professions and hobbies, beekeeping is enigma for most. What was something mainstream in almost every rural (and some urban) backyards a century ago is now an oddity.

    So, to all those new folks joining the list AND beekeeping I just want to say: "Thank You!"

    I'd be curious if others have seen something similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandal View Post
    So, to all those new folks joining the list AND beekeeping I just want to say: "Thank You!"
    You are welcome...just kidding. I would like to reverse that THANK YOU right back to all the non-newbs. Thank you for all of your advice, support, suggestions, innovations and of course your humour. I would never have felt ready to do this without all of you.


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    There has definitely been a surge of new beekeepers in my area.
    I had a club meeting last night and they announced that
    4 years ago there were 11 students in the club's bee school
    3 years ago- 22 students
    2 years ago-36
    1 year ago-41
    this year 80 students and 180 active members.

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    Default You are most welcome!!

    I'm not the youngest new beek, but I'm no old man either.

    Durendal, I have to give you on the name choice. I just finished my first Dave Duncan book, and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more.

    Reading and beekeeping, the two go so well together!
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