My husband and I just jumped into beekeeping a few weeks ago after several months of planning. We were really excited about getting started once we found it was actually legal for us to have backyard hives in a residential area (in our county anyways).

We are now the proud owners of two hives of Carniolan cross bees and are slowly learning about the tasks associated with the upkeep.

Besides our bees we have three kids between us, three dogs (large mix along with a Westie and Cairn Terrier) and are both very busy. We also have a large garden in the back yard-but it is all containerized and on drip irrigation to keep maintenance to a minimum. Both my husband and I are into the no chemical thinking, and will do everything we can to avoid spraying anthing that isn't natural around our home-I think our bees will appreciate that.

Looking forward to all the benefits of interacting with other beekeepers!