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    Default Re: Painting Hive Bodies

    0 problems with bees. No rotting.
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    Default Latex vs Oil based?

    Who uses exterior latex like I do vs oil based and why?

    I've always painted the top and bottom edges of my boxes but have struggled with them sticking together since I use exterior latex paint. I like the petroleum jelly idea.

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    Default Re: Painting Hive Bodies

    I don't paint the top or bottoms, but the sides I do... even in the 60's and
    70's I never did either. Barry paints everything, inside and out. All depends on you. One thing I ca note: If you paint the tops and bottom edges, give them a rub with steel wool or sand paper or set them on the ground to get a little dirt on them... that will stop the sticking together. Even after you wipe the dirt off the stickiness will be diluted.
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