Intro to me
Last year I inherited a package and starter kit from my brother (who, by the way, has moved back into the state and will be collecting his hive and taking it to northern Utah with him). This was my introduction to beekeeping! I learned a lot and didn't kill the colony all summer or over winter. In fact, they look pretty darn good, if I do say so. My daughter (age 12) has been the primary beekeeper in the family and LOVES it, so she's getting a new package in a couple of weeks (weather permitting).

Today's question

I just inherited a couple of really stressed hives. It's my second year of beekeeping, so I'm really new at this. These are the 2 surviving hives out of 10 that were really bungled by a neighbor over winter.

They smell a bit sour -- not a good sign -- I'm thinking I should rehive the bees with new frames and boxes (the colonies will be a year old in May, but the hives and comb are old and nasty looking). I ordered some fumagilin-b to feed them. Will these steps be helpful?

Also, is drumming really the best "quick" way to rehive in this case?