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    Default looking for advice on starting a couple of hives...

    in the mountains of Central Colorado. Elevation of 7200 ft. Wondering about a lot of things i.e. what might the principal nectar sources be and what flavors the honey would carry. Lots of sagebrush, juniper, pinion pine, sarvousberry (sp), chokeberry, pines and spruce, spring wildflowers and dandelions etc..
    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Default Welcome

    Hey ALpha 6 you have a neighbor!!!!
    Welcome Western Coloradan,
    I grew up in Glenwood when it was small and G Jct. Small world. There used to be alot of wildflowers, and alfalfa fields full of clover up there. We have a guy up in Snowmass that will give you the best info of your area. Alpha 6 is his logon name.
    Good Luck
    Does Carbondale still have "Potato Days" I did some fun muttin bustin as a kid up there!!!


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