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    Default Looking for Beekeepers in SW Pennsylvania

    I am new to this bee web forum and actually new to beekeeping. I am starting out with 4 hives this spring on my farm and am planning to practice sustainable/natural beekeeping. I would appreciate any contact with other beekeepers in the area. I have gone to 2 different bee club meetings, one was almost 2 hrs away though and their members are all quite a distance from me. The other club was about an hour away which I just recently visited with and it seems like with those I've met we are geographically challenged.

    I am about 15 miles north of Uniontown and about 8 miles west of Connellsville in Fayette County, which is SE of Pittsburgh.

    I still have 2 other bee clubs to visit that are in the greater region. I plan to go to their next meeting in April. They are about 1 hr and 1/2 or so travel distance.

    So I thought I'd try this forum to see if there is any folks out there in the area.

    Many thanks,
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