Hi! I'm not only new to this forum but to beekeeping as well. I live in Mississippi but spend weekends on my 10 acre plot in Tennessee. It's right beside my father's fairly large farm.

I don't know what made me do it but last year I bought a beginner's beekeeping kit for my father for christmas. I figured at worst he wouldn't like it and I'd have to take it back. I'd put it beside one of his fields for pollination. So I read everything that I could on beekeeping. I bought several books and read articles on the internet.

I bought him a beginner's kit from Kelley Bees. He was thrilled! I mean like a little boy thrilled! So we signed up for a beginner's class in Jackson Tennessee and went to the all day class. Dad got his kit in and together we put it together and painted it. He ordered his bees and they'll be in soon.

I got so interested that yesterday I ordered the same kit for myself. I'm going to put a hive up beside my garden in my back yard. As soon as the kit gets in and I put it together I'm ordering my bees.

So that's my interest in bees. Other than that I am a computer programmer with 20 years experience. I'm married with grown kids who still live with me with THEIR kids (we are a tight southern family). I'm preparing my retirement in about 15 years.

What else? I'm an amateur magician and I'm building a cabin on my land. It's gonna be a cordwood construction cabin. Ummmm, my wife is really interested in doing homesteady kinds of things. We bake our own bread and make preserves, etc.