This probably should start another thread, but I post here.

Probably will ruffle a few feathers.

And yes it is important to me, I have been thru this before.

Welcome to the realities of CA pollination, stuff happens. I do not take this as a causual remark, but a look at the reality of pollination in Feb. of each year. IT IS TOUGH and takes more work and knowledge than just owning a bee hive.

Please refer to all past threads on CA almond pollination and artcles in ABF by Randy Oliver "California Dreaming"

I, inaddition to my own 2000 hives also manage 1400 for beeks that are sick & tired of coming to ca for the winter. I have had good bees & bad bees, They all looked good when they left.

Most beeks have had bees fall apart, I have seen hives that made 160lbs of honey in april & May in ca only to be dead 45 days later, we have large & small operator in ca that continue to have losses that they can't explain.

Most good bees got rented this year, many friend were long on hives at start of pollination from 1,000 to a few hundred, all rented back filling hives that did not pass inspection, ( they looked good 2 weeks before delivery).

This is the reality of CA pollination

I hope this situation will get resolved equitably.