Glad to have found this forum.. im a member of an orchid forum.. a family milk cow forum..and finally a bee forum! lol.. i had bees when we first moved out here.. one of the packages i had had a blond italian queen.. she aparently was not verry strong.. as that hive never did verry well the other did tho.. unfortunately we thought we had to move.. (job relocation possible) so ended up selling the hives and bees.. fast forward to today.. job didnt move.. and so im restarting with bees again.. im purchasing 2 nuc boxes from a gentleman up in lees summit. now with the package bees it was fiarly straight forward.. do i do basically the same with the nuc? put in the frames shake the excess bees in .. close up shop so no escapess.. that type thing?
also.. i want to make sure i keep the bees healthy.. is there a part of the forum here that can tell me time fram wise what to do with the bees? meds and such..
these hives are going in my garden this year.. last year i had them in the back part near the woods.. also lol i dont think ill grow sunflower this year either.. it seems to make the wa verry dark.. and just looks funky..