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    Default good morning from Fairfax, CA

    Hi everyone, new to this great beekeeping forum. This is my second year keeping bees. I usually do a lot of wood working but was inspired by my mother in-law a couple years back when I assembled some Langs' for her and thought to myself how cool is this. So after reading beekeeping for dummies and much research on the net I built some of my own Langs'.
    Last year, at the end of April I got a 3lb. package from Beekind in sebastapol, Italians. They started off great, comb drawn out fast, queen laying, brood growing, workers in and out all day sunrise to sunset, legs pillowed with pollen, awsome. After 2 months, when 2 deeps were full of brood and honey, I placed the first super. No go. The ladies didn't draw any comb. I attributed this to possibly the drought we're currently in. I was'nt put off by this, I figured that the following year would be better. I was just happy to have bees and doing a little to help better the world. Anyways, around end of July I first noticed verroa mites and began treating with powdered sugar/screened bottom board routine. I'm not into chemical treatment. I guess I'm crunchy at heart. So, everything stayed at expected pace going into winter, as the literiture said, except a month ago when checking on the ladies( the Knock test for the hum) there was no Hum. Hmm, i thought. Time to open the hive. There was only a handful of bees, no larve, no brood, a bunch of scattered drone brood, a lot of capped and un capped honey and pollen. Oh no, no more space, but enough about me, thanks for reading. by

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    Welcome to the forum Gary. I'm sure you can get lots of advice around here, 'cause beeks are usually full of advice and opinions. I hope you have surfed around to the various forums.
    So many little time.


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