I was called out today for bees entering a house. When I got there they where entering the house threw a hole that the electric conduit goes into the house. Then the troubles showed themselfs, the outside is sided with asphalt shingles that if I tried to remove would just crack and break into pieces and they are so old that replacing is imposable. So I decided to look inside and guess what they just got done remodeling the whole inside, so inside cutting was also out.

So I was left wondering how to get them out without cutting. btw she has to have them gone due to her daughter being deadly alergic. So I dont know if it would work but I had a thought about putting out a bate hive with drawn comb and lemon grass oil then injecting some almond oil into the wall ( I would use bee go but I am fresh out). This is the only thought I have had, if you have a better one please let me know. The next option was to let the pest control company that let me know about them go ahead and spay but if there was a way of saving them I am totally for it.

And before it gets said I am aware of the idea of leaving the hive in the wall with all the honey and brood will attract more bees down the line. I told her about this but she beleves that she can plug up all the holes to keep them out and dont mind the smell of them in the house.

Please let me know your thoughts.