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    Default Sugar dusting and cold snaps

    I have a hive that has mites and seems weak. Should I sugar dust them now or if I do and we have a cold snap, will it affect the ability to get back into cluster around the brood? Last time I sugar dusted it was a terrible disruption for them. I'm trying not to treat but need help with managing that also.

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    Yesterday talked to an old guy whose beeked for 40 years. Seems those buggers have a 7 day cycle with the female born pregnant from her "brother". I would pull the brood every 10 days for a dusting.
    As I understand it the relationship between mites and brood is proportional. More brood: more mites. If you can break that cycle ONCE you will be home free which means the bees will be able to keep on top of it themselves. Also consider a green drone frame that you can pull in about 2 weeks (before hatching) and that should help. Good luck


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