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    Default Would using really old hives be a problem?

    My buddy fixed up my dad's old hives and gave them to me for a Christmas present.

    They had been sitting out for about 25 years. Most were rotten. He took the boxes that were still good and refurbished and painted the outside of them.

    Can anyone see why this would be a problem? All of the frames were kept inside and are in great shape. The insides of the boxes are in good shape, but I'm wondering if there could be any disease in them? Or some other thing I'm not thinking about? As far as I know, there were no problems with the hives when he stopped using them.


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    I built most of my equipment in the late '70s, and some of it has been in service almost every year since then. My buddy who started at the same time doesn't replace a box until it turns to mush, can't be held together by wire or disintegrates in the extracting room.


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