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    Default How long can bee's stay in a closed nuc?

    I'll be picking two four frame nucs up on a Friday. I'd like to stay at the in-laws for the weekend because they live near the place I'll get the nucs from. Then I'd drive about two hours to the hives. Just wondering if it should be a problem to stay from Friday to Sunday or Monday before I continue on to the hives.


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    If you make sure they have food, water, air and don't get too hot, they can live for months. But I wouldn't recommend it.
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    Open them for the weekend, close them up Sunday and take them home. When you get home set them on top of the hives where they'll be installed for a day or two, opened, and then install them on a nice warm afternoon when the fieldworkers are out the hive is full of happy, peaceloving, nursebees!

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    Probably the best option would be to pick them up at the end of the weekend and take them directly to their new location.

    If you must pick them up earlier, and the place you are staying isn't TOO close to where you are picking up the nuc, let them fly over the weekend. Of course, if you are leaving for home anytime after they start flying but before dark when they will return to the colony, don't open them that morning!

    If you must leave them closed up, ask your nuc provider to put a screened lid on them. Keeping them quiet is a must. Bees get claustrophobic when they are closed up. If they get warm they will start fanning, which can create more heat if they are closed up, and cause overheating. Keeping them in a dark cool (but not COLD cold) place with good ventilation is best.


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