Today my niece's 5 year old son got quite a burn from the muffler of a motorcycle. It happened so fast that the skin was already immediately peeling off. Not sure if it had stuck to the muffler a bit or not.

My sister applied ice and I said we need honey for that burn! We went into the house for Dad's honey and bandages. They gave him a little Tylenol and I applied a honey bandage. He had been complaining of pain. A little while later, thanks to Tylenol and honey, he said it didn't hurt any more. His family is concerned about him being able to sleep tonight. I said I think he'll sleep fine.

The honey is supposed to help with pain, prevent infection and speed healing. We'll be watching it.

Oh, and earlier today, I cut a finger and applied honey and bandaid to it.

Yesterday, I was visiting a neighbor 4 houses down. While we were visiting outdoors, another lady came by walking her dog. My neighbor asked her how her leg was doing. The lady said she was on her second antibiotic and it was not helping. I asked if she had an open wound and she said yes, there was getting to be a hole. She was tested for MRSA and did not have that, but an infection that would not heal. I told her to get some raw honey and apply it and a dressing. Told her to check on the internet about that if she wanted to not take my word for that. She seemed very interested in the honey and said she would let us know how she does.

Honey that is in contact with body fluids (sores, burns, etc.) will react and produce small (safe and good) amounts of hydrogen peroxide which inhibits infection. Honey is also antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. Wounds treated with honey heal faster and scarring is reduced. Honey nourishes skin cells.

I will update when I find out more on these cases.