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    Ok, I split my big hive. The org. hive was (3) deep & then some. 1st & 2nd were brude, honey, pollen and the third was honey. 4th brude & (2) supers were drawn out. When I checked the hive I found 7 deep frames with queen cells about 1" long. I kept (3) frames with queen cells & cut the others out and put them on my chair. The three splits were (1) hatching, (2) bride, (1) honey, & (6) new frames in a deep hive box. At that point I was feeling good about life. I put sugar water on them, reduced the ent. to 1", & moved 1/4 mile. That is the furthest I can go, sorry. When I got back I finished with my last hive and looked at the queen cells to find nothing in them. The reason I am tripping is I think the (3) splits may have empty queen cells like the ones I inspected.

    Ok, what's next? Should I open them back up, leave alone, put them back, or give up?

    Thanks guys and gals'.

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    I'd say to leave them alone and check back on them in three weeks.
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    I would give them a few days and go listen to them. if they seem to be very loud and aggressive, get eggs into them /queens asap, if there isn't a noticable "roar" going on, wait and see.
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    my advice would somewhat follow along with big bore + a warning. queen cells (at an early stages of development) are delicate and I would never recommend that you move a hive (nuc or whatever) with a queen cell of undetermined age.


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