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    Another question, I got some dead bees at the entrance of one of my hive. About 8-12, anything I should be worried about.

    Additional info... Itís been very warm in Baton Rouge (mid to upper 70's), but we just got in the low 50's with rain. This hive recently swarmed and I caught the swarm. The swarm hive is about 10 feet from the original hive. This hive is large and I'm about to split the hive. The hive has four deeps and two supers. The suppers are empty with drawn cone. Two deeps are full of brude and honey, one deep is full of honey, and the other deep is frames with wax foundations not drawn out.

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    This is just an opinion so base your decisions on how to manage a hive on your own best judgement. The bees are just doing housecleaning, if you saw lots of bees it may indicate disease or a problem.
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    Sounds normal to me. Keep watching though in case the numbers increase. You can tell a bunch by watching the entrance to a hive.
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    hoo shoo too writes:
    About 8-12, anything I should be worried about.

    two things come to mind here... 1) after swarming the hive is somewhat depopulated which can set them up for a bout of robbing or 2) quite often after a sudden cool spell with rain a few bee will die from exposure. #1 is something to be concerned about #2 is not.

    your description of the hive make it sound like a monster... the mother of all hives.

    might I suggest that first you will need to strip everything empty before you split this monster up. if you do not.... this will create a natural habitat for the shb to thrive. the empty drawn comb will be of little use in a split... peel these off and set them aside for later use (if the swarm issued was large, think about using some of these there). If you can (sounds like you might be a tad bit late, but perhaps not) you should split the remainder AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since it MAY still have queen cells generated via the original queen (which to me sounds like a keeper). once a swarm has issued you have one to two days before the new queens start to emerge. once these potential new queens do emerge (and prior to mating or laying) a significant manipulation (by you) is likely to result in any and all emerged queens to be murdered.

    given your description of the original hive (if it was me?) I would be wanting to obtain as many daughters from the original queen as I possible could.


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